Is HR Coordinator the next step up for me...?

Hi, I am currently an HR Coordinator and I was just wondering as there are so many different variations of HR job titles what would the natural next step to take when looking at progression. I have been in conversations with my manager and they seem to think that HR Coordinator is a higher level than HR Advisor, 

  • Hi Kelly, the next step depends on your career aspirations and if you want to generalise or specialise.
  • Unfortunately, "HR Coordinator" is one of those job titles imported from the US that doesn't really mean anything. Depending on where you work it could be anywhere from an HR Administrator up to a senior HR Business Partner. So it's impossible to answer the question without knowing what you actually *do*,

    If you are primarily supporting others in the direction of employee relations casework, answering routine policy questions, taking minutes and maintaining the HRIS database then you are an Administrator or Assistant and should be looking to move to an HR Advisor role. If you are already leading on complex casework and supporting change projects, then you are probably looking to step up to a Business Partner role. If you are already providing strategic support to senior leaders of business units, then perhaps it's time to look for a role with direct line management responsibility.
  • Hi Kelly,

    Welcome to the community.

    IMHO the progress path is something akin to HR Assistant/Admin>HR Coordinator>HR Advisor/Specialist>HRBP>HR Manager.

    That said, what is in a name? I see many adverts for assistants that are advisors, coordinators that are HRBP and every other permutations in between.
    Your job description and the tasks you undertake on a daily basis are probably a better indicator than the job title.

    Where do you see your career heading, as Nick has said do you want to learn everything in a generalist role or would you rather branch off and specialise? Do you want to manage the department or are you happy without that responsibility.