Seeking advice, tips, connections for Experience Assessment

Hi Everyone,

I have recently started working on my Experience Assessment Charted Member and targeting to submit by last week of February. I'd love to connect with anybody who have completed it successfully or who might have the similar timeline and open for discussion.

Like mentioned in many other threads limited word count is the first challenge for me too. Not sure till what extend to elaborate the topics/ examples along with the facts in the limited words count.

Any advice, suggestion, tips, articles, videos etc are welcome Slight smile



  • Hi Kunal, come and join us in another thread on the topic. I’ve just posted about my experience of the written assessment. 

    Hi all, as the posts are quite sporadic and I’ve now finished the written part I thought I’d write about it for those just starting. I did find it a bit challenging at times but overall it was an excellent…

    Experience assessment chartered member