Levers for change management process

Hi all I’m currently doing the EA route and I’m trying to understand if there are common leavers when implementing a change process. I used leadership and sponsorship, communication, employee engagement, stakeholder and culture is this right?
  • Hi Jacqui
    I believe you are right in what you have used, as far as they all go to play the role of a lever - defines as a tool for "getting more work done with less physical force". As long as these have made the process "smoother and more successful", then yes. Not sure if this link works, it has some information that may help as well. changemanagementinsight.com/.../
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  • Hi Jacqui
    I work as an Assessor within the CIPD Assessment Team. I hope your EA journey is progressing well :)
    When we are talking about 'levers for change', we are looking for you to be drawing out in your evidence the kinds of tools, areas of work or methodologies you understand and use to enable successful change.
    These could be things like....structural change, cultural development, communication, building capability, harnessing technology/innovation, fostering advocacy, role modelling etc.....
    So, it looks like your thinking is absolutely along the right lines. Remember, importantly as a people practitioner, we're interested in how you assess and decide how and when to use these types of levers to achieve and sustain change in your organisation.
    Good luck with all the next steps in your assessment. Best wishes, Olivia.
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