Non-recognised union coming on to premises - our position?

Hello fellow HR Professionals,

I just wanted to check the following:

In the organisation we have recognised 2 unions - however another union wants to arrange a intro session and possible drum up members to join them as well.

legally where do we stand with this , as we don’t really want to introduce another union as we have 2 already so don’t wish to engage with this unrecognised union who came via a staff member.

i did seek some advice from acas but they were unclear. Just wanting to check with anyone else on here for their experience and HR best practice as well.

thanks in advance folks :)

  • I don't think so. You just inform them, "No. We have two recognised unions already", and further recognition would just cause fragmentation".

    What you can't do is to treat anyone who does join via some other recruitment method any differently than someone who is in one of your recognised unions.
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    This of course impacts upon the existing recognised unions too, and maintaining an effective dialogue with them could well be useful. Years ago, whilst some trade unions fought amongst themselves for membership by fair means or foul, others had understandings and agreements about mutual ‘spheres of influence’ often using the TUC as ‘referee’ Not sure how things stand with all this currently, but your recognised union full time officers will probably be.

    See too eg 


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