Remote worker in Lithuania?

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I have a specific query I would like assistance with...I am an HR Manager for a small digital firm based in the SW of England...we currently employ a Lithuanian employee girl in our design team based in the UK. She would like to return home and be based remotely in Lithuania. As we operate remotely (via Teams) with all our employees working from home all week we are ok with this and would like to accommodate her request. However, prior to consent we want to ensure we have considered all the legal aspects...tax implications, H&S, bank holidays etc...

Does anyone have direct experience of this and can advise please? Any support would be most appreciated.

Also if a British employee works remotely overseas in another European country - can anyone advise of the implications?

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    5 Sep, 2023 10:57

    Hi Sam,

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    Take a look at  Enabling overseas workingand other threads in this group. Certainly a great deal to think about!

    Tagging   who usually has some sound advice around this topic.

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    Thank you Steve....appreciate your support!
    @Scott Winter - if you wouldn't mind contacting me when convenient as from what I can see you seem to be an expert in this complex area and our case is very particular.
  • Hi Sam

    There are also companies who specialise in managing overseas employees on your behalf to ensure compliance (at a cost of course) eg Deel and Oyster HR. I haven't used them personally but it may be worth making contact.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Samantha,
    In my experience, you need to understand the employment law present in the country in which the individual will reside. We once contemplated hiring a French resident, who would be based in France and travel throughout Europe. We had to consult a French employment lawyer and eventually decided against … it was fairly complex to say the least.